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Life saver!! 

I'm a quadriplegic mother of 3 and can not use my fingers to press the red button. I have 2 of these and they are a godsend because it allows me to take my baby and toddler out of the car seat independently.

-Christa J.

Works great!

Just got my hands on one of these yesterday and it is great! So convenient and makes it so much easier when trying to unbuckle the carseat

-Stacey J.

I bought three. The car seat key works great. I can reach around from my driver seat and using this tool, unbuckle my granddaughter with ease. I recommend the car seat key to anyone. There is no strain on your hand at all.

-Jana W.

Best thing ever!

So glad I found this! I was struggling with my five year old grandson's car seat belt. This really helps me. I was especially concerned that I couldn't fastly unbuckle him in an emergency situation myself, as he was unable to it himself either. This really ensures I can know do that quickly. It is convenient, easy to carry with you and a pretty reasonable price for my peace of mind. Although, I think you shouldn't have to purchase this separately, this company should partner with every seat company and have this part of their package.

-Cora A.

Taking Social Media by Storm!

With over 30 Million Social Media Views and counting, it's no wonder why The Car Seat Key is one of the most trending baby product! Giving hundreds of thousands of people the peace of mind to easily release babies from their car seats, especially in emergency situations. We encourage you to read our customer testimonials as the stories are truly amazing. 

Release Child in 2 Easy Steps

Slide The Car Seat Key over the red harness release button from any comfortable angle with the arrow pointing down. Easily squeeze with one or two hands while pulling the buckle downward to release the harness.

See how-to video below. 

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