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It all started with an idea...

What intrigues people about our story is that we are sister and brother ( NO, we’re not married guys ) and we actually don't have any kids. Being a manicurist, I would constantly hear women in the salon complaining about not only their husbands but  how hard it is to get kids out of car seats. Always needing their nails shorter or completely taken off once they became a mom. Also, we would always see our mom struggle to get our nieces and nephews out of their car seats due to her arthritis. I realized how big this problem actually was and wondered why there wasn't and easy solution.
So, I went to my younger brother for help with a prototype. He honestly thought I was crazy but was willing to help. The next day he had our first prototype cut out in wood. From there we made our own mold and started pouring our own resin. That was a disaster, but we tried, right? We realized it needed to be manufactured so the next 7 months were hours and hours of research, little sleep, and lots of coffee. Researching everything from manufacturing, plastics, patents, packaging, marketing, websites, and everything in between.

 We launched our product March of 2017. We are sold on our e-commerce website, Amazon, and in stores in 5 different countries. Some people have asked if we come from a family of inventors or manufacturers, this couldn't be further from the truth. The only reason we mention this is because we want people to know that you can literally do anything that you dream of. We had no idea what we were doing but we wanted it bad enough and we weren't going to let anything stop us. Giving back to our community and encouraging people to pursue their dreams is a big part of what our company is about. Our product is called The Car Seat Key but our company is NAMRA®. This stands for "the state of being humble". Its a constant reminder to always stay grateful, always stay humble and to never forget where you came from. We hope that you guys can see that we are proof that your dreams are possibly and hopefully we inspire people to purse theirs as well!