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Our Story

It all started with an idea...

As a manicurist based outside of Los Angeles, I'm constantly told all of my clients problems... one stood out the most. 


My clients would always tell me how hard it was to press in that damn red button on their child’s car seat! Especially with longer nails! I knew that I struggled with those things (lots of nieces and nephews) and having a mom with arthritis I knew she did too. In 2011, after hearing it constantly my first year in the salon, I knew that this was a problem for the masses. I figured that there had to be an easy way to solve this problem and this is where The Car Seat Key idea started.


Nothing happened just yet. For years I would dream about it. I KNEW this idea was going to work. I KNEW that so many people needed this and all I needed was a prototype made. I needed something to physically hold. I needed the right partner. It needed to be the right time!


Fast forward to 2016, I went to my younger brother with this idea and he was on board! Although he thought I was a little crazy, He got to work right away cutting our first prototype out of wood. From there, it was months and months of research, no sleep, lots of coffee and ultimately learning how to create a product and build a company from the ground up. From researching plastics, injection molding, manufacturing, packaging... All the way to finding a patent attorney, marketing, building a website, and a million things in between. We had no idea where to start or what to do but we figured it out! With A LOT of help from google of course. It hasn’t been easy, but seeing how many people our product has positively impacted makes it completely worth it. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have about our journey!